Vspainter 1.85

Paint pretty pictures on your PDA


  • Selectable modules
  • Wide range of brushes
  • Large colour palette
  • Save and load
  • Four zoom levels


  • No layer support


If you are addicted to Photoshop, Illustrator and the like and wish you feed your digital art addiction wherever you go then you may wish to think about installing Vspainter. The program furnishes you with an editing environment containing all the tools needed to use your mobile device as a canvas and paint anything you like.

The program itself includes a gorgeous visual interface with selectable modules, designed specifically to make it easier for the selection of the tools without taking up space on the screen, in much the same way as you can do with Photoshop these days.

As far as the tools go, Vspainter offers a wide selection of brushes of all types, a bulging colour palette, an aid for symmetrical drawing, four levels of zoom, tools for creating geometric shapes and light and shadow effects.

It lacks the support for layers that would make this a truly perfect app, but I was amazed at what is achievable with Vspainter.



Vspainter 1.85

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